Our worlds:

Deadzone - This world has some awesome monster you can grind! Here you will find the Deadzone Mobs: Deadzone Zombie, Skeleton and Spider. Each of these mobs have different levels which correspond to their drops!

Warzone - This world is where you can PvP with other players at KoTHs and Envoys! It's an awesome way to steal other players loot.

Quarries - This world has five different mines where you can destroy blocks for awesome resources, this is beneficial at start of seasons as it makes a fair amount of value to start off!

Mining Realm - One of our newer worlds here, where you can mine different value blocks BUT be careful as PvP is enabled and if you don't watch your back you may be killed and lose everything you grinded!

Farmland - Great for SOTW*, here you can grind potatoes & carrots to save the hassle of making your own farm straight away!

Woodcutting Realm - You can grind money here alongside some custom drops*! The wood gathered here can be sold to the Wood Merchant* for $3,000 each making grinding at SOTW* super easy!

*custom drops - These are work in progress and probably won't be released for a good while till the regeneration plugin hooks into custom drops

*wood merchant - Found at the warp of the Woodcutting Realm and has the option to buy an instant break axe alongside the ability to sell your wood for $3k each

*SOTW - Start Of The World