Experience Shop

The experience shop is an awesome grinding method where you can buy value, crates and so much more from grinding experience. Below is a list of items, you can also run the command /expshop to open the GUI!


Ghast Spawners - 50k EXP

Guardian Spawners - 25k EXP

Silverfish Spawners - 250k EXP

Iron Golem Spawner - 20k EXP

Money Set - 5m EXP

EXP Set - 3m EXP

2x Mining Booster [15 mins] - 150k EXP

2x EXP Booster [15 mins] - 50k EXP

3x EXP Booster [15 mins]- 75k EXP

4x EXP Booster [15 mins]- 100k EXP

5x EXP Booster [15 mins] - 150k EXP

2x Mobcoins Booster [15 mins] - 50k EXP