Crates are an awesome way to gain on other players, they are obtained through /buy along with /mc shop! There's six types of crates and the best ones are God and Monthly which are both on the Mobcoins Shop!


VIP Crate

These are obtained from /buy along with /mc shop! They have semi-decent rewards but not the best as they are the most common crates!

Legendary Crate

These are only obtained through /buy and Envoys but don't threat as higher tiered crates are more obtainable!

God Crate

Obtained through /buy, /mc shop and Envoys! These crates are awesome to test your luck and see if you get value blocks, extra keys or Iron Golem Spawners!

Monthly Crate

Highest tier of crate here, these are awesome to earn extra EXP and spawners!

Spawner Crate

Has a chance of giving you ten of a certain spawner! These are awesome if you would like to earn some extra cash

Limited Crates

Limited crates are seasonal crates which current consist of: Sp00ky Crates and Christmas Crates