Here you will find all the news about TearfulMC! This place will have most changelogs, new seasons, new features and so much more! (lets see how long i can keep it up)

(23/2/24) SB Season 21 reset:

Season 21 was all about economy changes & making the game more unique. We added a new custom plugin & an entirely new way to gain value. You can upgrade spawners with money to give you better value blocks. Paired with a custom auto placer you can create an entirely AFK value method. This new method will definitely not get you the win but it will aid you. I have completely changed the mobcoin & experience economy to better the community. Below you will find a complete changelog.


Autoplacers are obtained through mobcoins & experience, these custom made autoplacers will only work with value blocks. All you need to do is throw them on the top of the autoplacer & it will start. They have two upgrades, speed & storage, which can be upgraded with money.

- Added autoplacers for value

  - Obtained through mobcoins & experience


- Adjusted spawner upgrades & added silverfish to T2 upgrades

- Fixed spiders not dropping the loot

- Fixed cave spider spawner name

- Fixed guardian spawner name

- Removed equipment drops from all mobs (including skeles :)) ) - this includes zombie iron, potatoes & carrots, bows from skeles & any other drop that was not sellable from mobs.

- Fixed xp being dropped on death [mobs]

- All mobs drop the same amount of xp other then ghasts, guardians & silverfish [all mobs drop 10xp]

- Ghasts, guardians & silverfish now drop 20xp which is double every other mob

- Removed afk drops from silverfish

Spawner Upgrades

These have now been added to every mob, in previous seasons it has only been ghasts that had 4 upgrades. I have now completely re-worked the spawner upgrades so that they fully function & give worth while upgrades. There are two categories of these upgrades, T1 includes Cave Spiders, Spiders, Skeletons, Zombies, Endermen, Witches & Blazes these all have a maximum of 6 upgrades. T2 spawner upgrades include Iron Golems, Ghasts, Guardians & Silverfish which all have a maximum of 4 upgrades which means that the spawner progression for these 4 spawners is quickened. 

All spawners are upgraded using money this, however, is due to change at some point in the future to include more economy options. Please refer to the discord changelog channel for photos of the spawner upgrades.

- Added spawner upgrades [Each level is faster & gives a value block worth more, see /values]


- Lowered essence pouch proc to 0.3 (was 0.4) per level

- Lowered essence pouch max amount to 7,500 (was 25,000)

- Lowered crop boost to 0.003 proc per level (was 0.05)

- Adjusted essence shop prices

- Added virtual grind crates for hoes & swords

- Halved xp requirements for hoes

- Lowered proc chance of value finder

- All previous bugs have been fixed

- Removed beacons from hoes

- Added endstone & sea lanterns to hoes

mob swords

- Fixed mob swords - all bugs -

- Fixed xp boost [mobswords]

- Doubled essence amounts [mobswords]

- Added virtual grind crates for hoes & swords

- Removed beacons from mob swords

- Added end portal frames & sponge to mob swords

- Fixed autosell not working on mobswords

- Fixed autosell price for silverfish [mobswords]


- Added essence to Deadzone Mobs [Skele - 20k, Zomb - 10k, Spider - 5k. These are not effected by boosts]

mining realm

- Removed lanterns & beacons from mining realm

- Expanded the obisidian and wool layers in mining realm

- Fixed NPC not showing correct information

general changes

- Reworked /value

- Removed gold blocks from value

- Fixed sell prices for sell chests & other plugins

- Fixed nether star sell price

- Adjusted shop settings

- Adjusted sell chests so they run more smoothly

- Upped silverfish nether star drop amount- Upped value worth of Iron, Redstone, Lapis, Gold, Diamond & Emerald Blocks

- Removed selling of value blocks in sell chests [Ore Blocks]

- Ammended island values to show correct blocks

- Added GG Waves to store purchases

- Added player referals [/fr ref {player}]


- Price for value in /mobshop has been decreased by 50%

- Fixed visual errors in mobshop


- Added /enchant which is a gui where you can enchant books for your items, This has allowed me to add a way for unranked players to obtain non vanilla enchant levels.

- Halved EXP shop prices - unless it's listed below

- 2x Mining Booster 3m -> 500k, 2x EXP Booster 1.5m -> 250k, 2x Mobcoins Booster 1.5m -> 250k EXP

(7/5/22) Season 12 reset:

Season 12 has now launched! We have spent this seasons downtime fixing up the current features rather then adding new ones!

General changes:

(1/4/22) Season 11 reset:

Season 11 has now launched we have spent this seasons downtime rebalancing the servers economy, improving current features and creating all the possible features! If you are interested in what exactly changed, feel free to read below:

new features:

Experience Shop
Booster Sets

Price changes:


Iron Golem Spawner Was: $5m -> $10m
Witch Spawner Was: $3m -> $6m
Enderman Spawner Was: $850k -> $4m
Zombie Spawner Was: $300k -> $3m
Skeleton Spawner Was: $250k -> $2.5m
Spider Spawner Was: $325k -> $2m
Cave Spider Spawner Was: $500k -> $2m
Creeper Spawner Was: $1m -> $1.5m
Pig Spawner Was: $175k -> $1m
Cow Spawner Was: $200k -> $1m
Sheep Spawner Was: $150k -> $1m
Chicken Spawner Was: $175k -> $1m
Rabbit Spawner Was: $150k -> $1m
Slime Spawner Was: $600k -> $400k
Wolf Spawner Was: $250k -> $400k
Squid Spawner Was: $150k -> $350k
Mooshroom Spawner Was: $200k -> $350k
Blaze Spawner Was: $1m -> $2m


Glowstone Dust:  Was: N/a -> $75
Iron Ingot Was: $65 -> $40
Redstone Was: $10 -> $30
Ender Pearl Was: $5 -> $26
Rotten Flesh Was: $5 -> $19
Bone Was: $4 -> $15
Spider Eye Was: $4 -> $11
String Was: $3 -> $11
Gunpowder Was: $9 -> $8
Cooked Pork Was: $6 -> $5
Cooked Beef Was: $6 -> $5
Cooked Mutton Was: $5 -> $5
Cooked Chicken Was: $5 -> $5
Cooked Rabbit Was: $4 -> $3
Slimeball Was: $8 -> $1
Bonemeal Was: N/a ->$1
Ice Was: $3 -> $1
Red Mushroom Was: N/a -> $1
Blaze Rod Was: $12 -> $8
Nether Stars Was: $350 -> $2,000


Melon Block Was: $135 ->
Pumpkin Block Was: $15 -> $75
Melon Slice Was: $9 -> $9
Wheat Was: $40 -> $30
Sugar Cane Was: $75 -> $75
Nether Wart Was: $35 -> $35
Cactus Was: N/a -> N/a

General changes:

(26/2/22) season 10 reset:

Season 10 has now launched! We have spent some time on revamping the builds, adding new features and overall improving the game play for you guys! Feel free to read through what has changed

new features:

Harvester Hoes

Seller Minions


Island Value Upgrade

Redstone Limit Upgrade

price changes:


Miner Minions are now $1,000,000 Was $250k
Level 2: $500k
Level 3: $750k
Level 4: $1m

Lumberjack Minions are now $750,000 Was $100k
Level 2: $500k
Level 3: $750k

Farming Minions are now $5,000,000 Was $100k
Level 2: $1m
Level 3: $3m

Fisher Minions are now $500,000 Was $50k
Level 2: $100k
Level 3: $500k

Slayer Minions are now $750,000 Was $150k
Level 2: $500k
Level 3: $750k

Feeder Minions are now $1,000,000 Was $100k
Level 2: $500k
Level 3: $750k

Collector Minions are now $250,000 Was $100k
Level 2: $50k
Level 3: $250k

Sell Minions are now $3,000,000
Level 2: $750k
Level 3: $1.5m

Eco Changes:

general changes:

Deadzone Mob Drops:

Zombie - 20 End Portal Frames Was 5, 7 Souls Was 3

Skeleton - 32 End Portal Frame Was 10, 16 Souls Was 3

(29/1/22) Season 9 reset:

Season 9 has now launched! This seasons downtime was to focus on further rebalancing our economy. A full in-depth list can be found below, please read through it if you plan on playing! We have also took the time to update this wiki so have a look round and get used to the server! Thanks!

boosters & black market:

We were informed by the community that money doesn't have much of a point at TearfulMC so we came up with these to try battle the money issue! (Click here for more)

Boosters - Obtained from /blackmarket which rotates every 6 hours and has overpowered items (Click here for more)
Black Market - A shop that has overpowered items that gets rotated every 6 hours. These items have a certain amount of stock (Click here for more)

eco changes:

General changes:

(22/12/21) Season 8 reset:

Season 8 has now launched! This seasons downtime was to focus on rebalancing the server more then adding new features. All the balancing a new features are listed below, feel free to read them if you're interested!

price changes:




General changes:

(19/11/21) Season 7 Reset:

Season 7 has now launched! All the new features that have been added are listed below in detail so feel free  to read through it, this season is more about balancing rather then huge eco changes!

new stuff:

However, there is a 20% chance for merging to fail, which will consume one of your Sell Chests, giving you 3 back

Mob coin price change:


woodcutting realm:


Mob drop change:

General Changes:

Custom enchants: