Our features are:

  • Mobcoins - Awesome way of grinding, these are obtained through killing mobs and have different percentages and amount!

  • Minions - If you're feeling lazy or don't have a teammate to grind with, these are your perfect companion, you are able to upgrade the minion slots by purchasing a rank!

  • Spawners - We offer SO MANY spawners here, click the link to the page to find out more!

  • Crates - These are obtained through /buy and /mc shop and are an awesome little boost!

Grinding Methods:

  • Blazes - Awesome for Mobcoins which can buy value blocks

  • Woodcutting Realm - Awesome for money at SOTWs

  • Mining Realm - Awesome for value blocks as it contains the highest valued block which is wool

  • Deadzone - Another great way to earn money on SOTWs, also great for grinding Ghast spawners as it's the only place that has Deadzone Skeletons

  • Deadzone Mobs - Good for value as they drop End Portal Frames

  • Quarry - Great method for grinding Bedrock Dust

  • Island Mines - Personal mines for you and your team, these are an awesome way to grind money with Sell Chests hooked up to it