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What is TearfulMC?

TearfulMC is a Minecraft community where everyone is welcome! We have many plugins that open up a completely new world for Minecraft. Since October 2020 I have dedicated many months of playtime towards this server, after a lot of hard work, dedication and lots of hurdles I created a server that I am very proud of it, we have went from having just me online to 5+ and we hit a new personal best of 20 players on a start of the world. 

I created this wiki so that you, and many others, can learn how to play our feature-rich server! Currently we can offer you two gamemodes, one being Skyblock & the other being Prisons.

Our Current Gamemodes

Join now: play.tearfulmc.com

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special credits:

This section of our wiki is entirely to show my (the owner) appreciation to specific people, whether that be your builds, your skills or personality, to be here it is the smallest thanks I can give you. If you could take a couple of minutes to read through these, that would be appreciated

thomasjames  -  This person has built our spawn and I am beyond happy with his work so his place here is well deserved, he also provided our lovely new banner at the top of most pages! If you would like to see his work check it out: portfolio

outsparkled - This person has helped with the server so much over the years, they are the developer of the server and they have created a tonne of our features for Skyblock. They are the reason why we have wooltop, killstop, sell chest merging, black market & so much more.